Clean river Sázava

The third annual cleaning Sázava River in the Highlands, from Havlíčkův Brod after Chřenovice is successfully behind us!

In the event this year, 550 people participated, who did a great job. With them was cleansed Sázava River and some of its tributaries in the length of about 60 km!

It seemed that the weather will be like. But against the cold and rain we fought hard work. There was no emergency, but the fun and relaxation. Met with an incredible amount of enthusiastic people who left behind many types of bags full of waste PET bottles, containers, jars, cans, but also tires, pieces of furniture, pipes and household appliances. The occurrence of such waste in the river for most people is absolutely incomprehensible. If someone can get to work and loaded into the car seat, why can not he directly handed over to Justice? We realize that waste is deposited into the countryside people and only people he can remove from the wild again.


First Ledeč Sázavou and the neighborhood, 14 4th 2012, 31 volunteers

As usual, the group has met in the center Ledeč and then divided into two groups. The first traveled Stvořidla and refined under the river towards the city center Ledeč, the second group proceeded from the center Ledeč downstream direction Chřenovice. Waste was significantly less than last year, the situation under the center of town but was (predictably) somewhat worse.

Second Stvořidla Nature Reserve, 14 4th 2012, 20 volunteers + dog

A short stretch of nature reserve Stvořidla perhaps have been cleaned from decades of old waste. It turned out that the impurities are added annually, and lots of it. And it is only a small type of waste paper, packaging, PET bottles. Volunteers first napytlovali garbage collected and the right bank of the train station to Stvořidla Smrčná, then picked up trash along the left bank of the way back and finally arrived on ships trash Stvořidla way and loaded onto ships and taken away.

Third Svetla nad Sazavou and neighborhood, 12 and 13 4th 2012, 114 volunteers

In Light of Sázavou traditionally involved in cleaning both elementary school and to help them come to the local fishermen. One group went to clean the river of Mrzkovice Smrčná and the second group was cleaning the right bank of the Sázava Smrčná into the light. Inaccessible left bank took a group of tourists from Light.

4th Okrouhlice - Ground n.S., 14 4th 2012, 28 volunteers

The long stretch between Okrouhlice and Svetla nad Sazavou was divided into two parts. The first part of the Good Okrouhlice Sazavou the same as last year cleared the okrouhličtí parents with children with shipping backup from the Bohemian Forest. The Good Light above Sázavou to a diverse group of cleaning the river from the surrounding area. Waste from this long section had to be taken to the Light, where he was the first car access to the river. Waste was found much less than last year, when it was first cleaned section. Nevertheless, it found many, including large pieces such as tires, doors from the refrigerator, bolts, hoses, etc.

5th Perknov - Okrouhlice, 14 4th 2012, 56 volunteers

The treatment involved many children, especially havlíčkobrodských footballers. The great number of cleaning quickly fled, but the waste bags were needed more than we expected. Right at the beginning of the section was found black dump. Unfortunately had to ship due to low water level half way through the exit route, but all volunteers without boats and successfully managed the river and surrounding rid of garbage.

6th Brod and its surroundings, 10 and 13 4th 2012, 253 volunteers

The cleaning Brod has traditionally involved 4 primary and 1 secondary school. Not only cleared the river Sazava, but also its tributaries in resting zones of the city. This year, some schools have found themselves part of the city, which would need to get rid of waste. These new sections have been involved in waste exceedingly many. One wondered what all of that in the center of the city finds! Areas that were cleaned every year, were in significantly better shape - but action was needed at these locations.


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